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Aircraft Refuellers

Training course objective

The aim of training for acquiring certificates of competence for the personnel performing aircraft refuelling is qualifying the candidates for the safe manipulation of fuel and aircraft lubricants.

Types of personnel performing aircraft refuelling

As one of the categories of personnel who provide ground handling services, the personnel performing aircraft refuelling include: refueller, assistant refueller and warehouseman.

Refueller performs the following aircraft refuelling tasks: handles the equipment and devices for aircraft refuelling, manages aircraft fuel truck and supervises the performance of auxiliary operations concerning aircraft refuelling.

  • Assistant refueller performs auxiliary, less complex operations of aircraft refuelling (handling the equipment and devices for aircraft refuelling)  under the supervision of the refueller.
  • Warehouseman performs the tasks of fuel reception from the refineries, controlling the type and quality of the fuel and fuel storage.

Minimum requirements to take up the training course

Vocational training for acquiring certificate of competence for personnel performing the tasks of aircraft refuelling  is available for a person who:

  • is at least 21 years old being a candidate for a refueller, or is at least 18 years old being a candidate for an assistant refueller or a warehouseman;
  • has at least the third degree of professional qualification;
  • has a driving licence for category E being a candidate for a refueller;
  • has adequate health ability as proved  by a medical certificate issued from an authorized health institution;
  • has passed the certification exam for the persons handling hazardous materials or participate in the preparation for transport, loading, reloading and unloading of hazardous materials, in accordance with the regulation on the professional training of drivers of motor vehicles transporting the hazardous materials and other persons involved in the transport of goods.

Training structure

The approved basic training course comprises: theoretical training, basic theoretical knowledge examination, practical training and practical skills assessment.