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The purpose of exam

The purpose of the ICAO language proficiency requirements is

  • to ensure that the language proficiency of pilots and air traffic controllers is sufficient to reduce miscommunication as much as possible and
  • to allow pilots and controllers to recognize and solve potential miscommunication when it does occur.

In short, language should be a tool to identify and help solve a potential problem before it becomes a disaster, rather than being one more attention-demanding obstacle.

Over 800 people lost their lives in three major accidents. In each of these seemingly different types of accidents, accident investigators found a common contributing element: insufficient English language proficiency on the part of the flight crew or a controller had played a contributing role in the chain of events leading to the accident.

In addition to these high-profile accidents, multiple incidents and near misses are reported annually as a result of language problems, instigating a review of communication procedures and standards worldwide. Such concern was heightened after a 1996 mid-air collision in which 349 passengers and crew members were killed in an accident in which insufficient English language proficiency played a contributing role.